About the Lodge

Fox Springs is an all-inclusive Missouri family resort just a short walk from the Meramec River in the foothills of the Ozarks. Accommodations available include quaint lodge rooms to private, rustic cottages fit for one family to four families - all of which are air-conditioned and private baths. Entertainment includes swimming; hayrides; shufflealley; shuffleboard; kickball; horseshoes; a short walk to the Meramec River for fishing, tubing, or canoeing; evening entertainment and much more! Our kitchen takes great pride in the food they serve - everything is made from scratch. Some of our specialties include golden brown rolls, hot biscuits, cream pies, fried chicken, and juicy roasts. Management and staff work very hard to provide for your comfort. You will like the helpful cooperative spirit of our young staff. They delight in getting to know our guests (both young and old) and join in the fun, family activities. We ask that all guests honor our quiet hours from midnight to 7:30 a.m.

We are the ultimate getaway where families enjoy time together - free of electronics - our rooms do not have televisions or phones. The kids really do enjoy the outdoors and the break from technology - check out our Reviews page for proof! You can easily gain cell service at the edge of the resort at our entrance - should you need it.

Start bringing your family together year after year! We are proud to be serving the third and fourth generations of the same families.

Interested in touring the resort? Call 800-872-7999 and set up a time that is best for you.