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Best. Family. Time. Ever. You dads out there: bring your kids to Fox Springs. They'll get to know you all over again for the first time!

Peter Mead from St. Louis, Missouri


There are dream vacations most people cannot afford, there are great vacations it takes you a week to recover from, and then there are vacations at Fox Springs Lodge where you receive the rest you long for after an exhausting week at work. Picture in your mind a quiet, peaceful valley without phones, television, salespersons, and most of all...decisions. You don't even have to decide what to eat. All you do is what you want to do.

If you want company, hang out on the porch or around the pool. If you want solitude, go for a walk, hang out on the bank of the Meramec River and watch the world float by or grab an inner tube and float that peaceful stream. If you want exercise, then join the activities or take a walk along the trails. If you want rest, there are plenty of places for that.

One thing is for sure, you will make new lifelong friendships and your children will treasure their memories and grow to share those good times with their children. Do a nothing...but do it at Fox Springs Lodge!

Bella Cooper from Granite City, Illinois


Fox Springs Lodge is an all inclusive vacation located in Cuba Missouri, where you'll get a great value for your travel dollar. The beauty of the Meramec River and Valley is unsurpassed. The experience of visiting Fox Springs Lodge is beyond expectation. Why moms especially love this hassle free Vacation...

No planning. No logistics. No hassles. Amazing food. Exceptional service. Daily adventures and activities for every member of the family...this is an amazing get-away that lets moms relax and when mom does the rest of the family! Speaking of families, you'll get to know others from all over who travel back each year at the same time to participate in a week's worth of family treasured memories. You'll find that the friendships will last longer than the vacation itself.

This is a special place where childhood memories have been established in my life since 2nd grade. Now, I get the joy of sharing Fox Springs Lodge with my own children. One can bring a good book and enjoy some quiet time at your cabin, while the children are captivated with the surrounding nature that awaits them. If you love fishing or tubing, the refreshing river is close by with john boats or inner tubes to explore the current. Each day at Fox Springs Lodge the staff offer very exciting tournaments that all can participate in if you so choose.

The family dining area is centrally located and will have you running when the historical bell rings its echo through the valley. You'll go home thinking that this is a must have possession to call in your family! All meals are served and cleaned up with your relaxation in mind.

Accommodations are available for all size families in cabins or the lodge rooms.

I encourage you to explore this website, but can't express in words the reality of the beautiful valley nestled along the Meramec River. Families can only have fun when visiting this great vacation spot.

Kathleen Hummel from Waverly, Iowa


Fox Springs Lodge is a place I wish I could call home! I've spent a week there every single year of my life and I will continue for a long time! There are many vacations spots out there but no place can beat Fox Springs Lodge! Whenever it is almost time to come to Fox Springs, I find my self making a list of things to bring over three weeks prior to the trip and then making a countdown to put on my door until we finally get to come down! My Dad has been coming to Fox Springs since he has been 17 and he has carried on the family tradition. Once you come to Fox Springs Lodge, you will be hooked for years to come! Fresh caramel rolls, new friends, tubing down the Meramec River, and much, much more! Anyone who is looking for great family fun, come to Fox Springs Lodge! You will have the time of your life!

Lucie Switalski (age 13) from Chicago, Illinois


For years I longed for my children to experience what I had in my youth at a family friend's clubhouse. I had fond memories of a swimming hole, a creek to wade through and simple games we all played. Someone told me about Fox Springs Lodge in 2004 so our family went that year. As we turned onto the gravel road, I had a feeling of familiarity. When we entered the valley, it was like stepping back in time!

Fox Springs Lodge offers a vacation you can tailor to your family's style. It's a place where kids can explore and parents can relive their childhood. You can participate in "friendly" competitions with other families, tube down the Meramec, swim at the pool or just sit on the porch in an Adirondack chair and relax. I've finally found a place for my family to relax and make memories each year.

Susan Lueders Colvin from St. Peters, Missouri


My family started coming to Fox Springs when my youngest daughter was in Kindergarten. She is now a high school principal. My oldest daughter was in 2nd grade. She is now a nurse with 3 children of her own that vote to take their vacations at Fox Springs. This includes their aunt too.

My husband taught the girls to fish in the Meramec river. We love floating in the tubes down that river. The friendships we made going there every year have been great. We have stayed in the lodge as well as about every cabin there and just knowing that all your needs will be met makes it a very relaxing vacation spot. We enjoy the food and all the contests for the "prized trophies" and over the years we have taken home our share. It is a great place for kids of any age because there is always something to do for them and not much trouble to get into. Over the years we have told others about the experience and some have come too.

Last summer my daughter, the nurse, and her family as well as a friend of her oldest son and I came down for a week. The boys didn't even mind not using their cell phones for the week. (They are in college.)

My highest compliment to the great atmosphere and wonderful people that run the lodge is that when my husband passed away he wanted his ashes scattered there and the Solovics and Roeders allowed us to honor him in this way. It is truly a wonderful place to vacation and look forward to every year. Thanks for the memories.

Donnita K. Good from Rochester, Illinois